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Family Law is among the most challenging areas of practice. Along with the legal issues, you are also dealing with strong, complicated emotions. For example, you might be in a bad marriage that you need to leave, or you’re worried about child custody and support and how it will impact your kids. Our San Jose Family Law Attorney understands both the legal and emotional side of these issues. We offer professional support and access to mental health professionals to help you get through this challenging time.

While we are empathetic and compassionate, we also fight for our clients. We want what is best for you and your children and will go over strategies to help you reach your goals. Contact us today for a free consultation so we can discuss your family law needs.

Family Law Practice Areas

Our San Jose Family Law Attorney handles all aspects of these cases. Contact Seabrook Law Offices to discuss:

Divorce In San Jose

Deciding to end a marriage is never an easy decision. You’ve likely fought to make it work but have finally realized that you and your spouse are better apart than you are together. Our San Jose Family Law Attorney has helped many couples reach divorce settlements without going to court. Through mediation and negotiation, you can agree on the terms and amicably part ways. You don’t even have to place blame on the other party. As a no-fault divorce state, you can cite irreconcilable differences, iron out the details, and move on from the marriage.

Our firm understands that some San Jose residents would prefer to move forward without retaining representation. That’s why we also offer a DIY Divorce Course. This course will help you through the process, even if the divorce is contested.

Consult with us to determine if retaining our services or completing our DIY Divorce Course is the right path forward. Then, you can take the next steps to end your marriage.

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Child Custody In San Jose, California

Our San Jose Family Law Attorney helps clients negotiate and create child custody agreements. These agreements designate physical and legal custody. Physical custody determines where the child lives. Then, legal custody determines who makes decisions for the child.

Often, custody agreements can be arranged outside of courts. However, if the parents disagree, a judge will create a custody agreement based on the “best interests of the child.” Generally, parents get 50/50 legal custody, meaning both make decisions for the child. Additionally, parents often split physical custody, as long as it is in the child’s interests.

Child Support In San Jose

You want what’s best for your child after the divorce is finalized. That means your child needs to have ample financial support at all times. Our San Jose Family Law Attorney will keep your child’s best interests in mind when negotiating for child support. While the non-custodial parent typically pays support, those with joint custody might need to pay as well. Our firm will analyze the situation and then determine the support payment. If we cannot come to an agreement through negotiation, we can escalate the case to court. Then, we will present evidence to the judge, who will render a decision and create a legally binding support order.

Paternity In San Jose

If you were married or registered as a domestic partnership when your child was born, the state of California presumes paternity. However, otherwise, you will need to establish paternity to have legal rights to your child. Without it, you won’t have the right to legal or physical custody. Our San Jose family law attorney can help you establish parentage so you can be a part of your child’s life.

Additionally, we assist mothers who wish to establish paternity. This is necessary if you want to collect child support or foster a bond between your child and his or her father. Contact us today to discuss your paternity case.

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Family Law

Family Law is among the most challenging areas of practice. Along with…



Ending a marriage is never an easy process, and it’s even more …

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